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For the pursuit of a once in a lifetime adventure and to experience something extraordinary. To make a meaningful impact in the work 5 Gyres, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Best Friends are doing and to possibly inspire others to challenge their comfort zone.

Taking on and completing the challenge is one objective, making a difference for our Planet, Children & Animals is the other. These three charities are committed to moving the needle in the right direction in each of their respective ways. So, help us to help them.

No matter how big or small our action is, if it makes a positive difference now or in our future it counts! Imagine what we can accomplish when we collectively,  raise the awareness and provide crucial funding to make that difference.


It All Starts With The Boat… A.K.A ” Wild Ride”

In order to successfully solo row an ocean you need the right boat and equipment. After all, it will be home for 3-4 months and there won’t be any support boat trailing the event! Ocean row boats are very different to a typical rowing boat. They are designed to weather the unpredictable conditions of the ocean and accommodate journeys that last a few months.

This 24ft long ocean row boat is no stranger to the Atlantic, having successfully completed two Mid Atlantic crossings from Canary Islands to the Caribbean.

Purchased in the UK and re-named “Wild Ride” she will be ready for the West to East voyage at the end of May 2022.


Making The Ride Carbon Neutral and “Comfortable”

Self-Righting Capabilities

Should the boat capsize in high seas, the boat is design to self-right, meaning it will roll to an upright position.

Desalinator For Drinking Water

There is a desalinator that converts ocean water into clean drinking water.

Solar Panels

All communication and navigation is powered by the sun! Thanks to onboard solar panels.

Main Sleeping Cabin

The boat features 2 cabins, that hold communication, navigation equipment and a comfortable sleeping spot.

Para Anchor

In case the boat needs to remain stationary while facing high winds, the para anchor can be released to maintain position and stay on course.

Want To See Or Experience The Boat In Person?

If you happen to live near Raleigh or Durham, you can get an up close look at the boat. You will often find Peter training on Lake Jordan, feel free to stop by, ask questions and if you want to go for a row… we’re sure Peter wouldn’t mind. 


“Join us on this epic adventure – it will be one heck of a ride”