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Peter Harley

Peter Harley, is a 61 year old South African now living in North Carolina USA. He is an adventurer, extreme sport enthusiast, animal lover and deeply passionate about our planet. He is ready to take action and bring about change.

“Everything I do, I put my all into. I believe that one of the great challenges in life is to challenge yourself. We have become accustomed to limitations brought about by our own perceptions, beliefs and social expectations, but when we step away from that and change “can’t” to can, we have the ability to accomplish more than we thought of ourselves, regardless of age or gender.”

Training, Diet & Preparation

The training for this event started in January of 2020. It involves a combination of endurance and strength training. Running several times a week and weight training to build upper body and leg strength.

Endurance Training
Rowing Training
Sea Training Prior to Launch
Daily Calories Consumed On Ocean
Daily Rowing On The Atlantic

Being a vegetarian, Peter has a highly focused diet that is designed
for optimal calorie and nutritional intake geared towards performance. His diet consists primarily of plant based protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, vitamins and supplement shakes.

What do you need to row across the North Atlantic?

The boat is a 24 foot long, Sea-Sabre ocean rowing boat with self-righting capabilities should there be a capsize. This particular boat is no stranger to the Atlantic, having successfully crossed twice in the annual Mid Atlantic race between the Canary Islands and the Caribbean. Purchased in the UK and re-named “Wild Ride” she will be ready for the West to East voyage at the beginning of May 2022. There is an array of communication, navigation and emergency equipment on board which are all powered by 2 X 12 volt batteries which are charged by solar panels mounted on the top decks of the fore and stern cabins. Drinking water is produced by an desalinator which converts salt water to drinkable fresh water. Food primarily consists of dehydrated pre-made meals, which require heating on a small stove. In addition, there will be high calorie shakes and high energy snacks, collectively able to provide up to 5000 calories per day which will be the approximate daily calorie burn rate in rowing 10 to 14 hours a day.


Fueled by plants! People often ask why I became a vegetarian… ” There are a few reasons but primarily, as a human, there is a “tsunami” of food available to consume and thrive on, without having to kill animals or be part of animal suffering on this planet.”

The other reason is I have seen the performance benefits of adopting a plant-based diet and it’s significantly better than what I have previously experienced.

Training and History.

Having been involved in a variety of sports and activities all my life, some of these include, marathon running, numerous sea based activities such as diving, ski-boating and deep-sea kayaking. Other interests include mountaineering, climbing, skydiving and flying. These have all fed my desire for adventure and have also assisted in maintaining a level of fitness that would be required for a solo ocean crossing.

My training for this event which includes strength training, endurance and rowing, started in January 2020 and continues till launch at the beginning  of May 2022.


Bonnie Evans

Hi There, I’m Bonnie and I’m lucky enough to call Peter my Dad.  I was born and raised in South Africa and now live in California, USA.

I feel truly honored to be sharing this journey with my Dad. While I won’t be with him on the boat, I’ll be utilizing my career in marketing to help bring this adventure to reality, by building the NAC awareness, following and telling the story of our mission we are so determined to accomplish.

If there is anything my Dad has taught me, it’s perseverance, resilience and to never limit yourself to what you “can’t” do, but discover who you can be, with the willingness to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.


“Join us on this epic adventure – it will be one heck of a ride”