The North Atlantic Challenge is proud to be a Carbon Neutral Event 

The Route

Peter will be rowing from Virginia Beach to La Trinite-sur-Mer, France. When looking at a map, it might look almost like a straight shot, however the reality is very different. This is approximately 4000 miles across the most unpredictable ocean, where currents, weather systems and wind directions can change at a moments notice. Even the notion of setting a formal route and expecting to stick to it exactly is very unrealistic but for those of you who are curious to know where Peter might be along the journey, we’ve put together the route that he hopes to follow… as best as he can. CHECK IT OUT HERE ON GOOGLE EARTH


  • Marjorie Rousseau says:

    We just heard about your planned voyage from Virginia Beach to La Trinite-sur-Mer France. I am American, my husband is French. We moved here to Normandy, France from Virginia Beach 10 years ago. Where we live is about 3.5 hours north of your planned landing here. How exciting!!! We will be following your journey diligently, wish you a great launch and voyage. Should you find yourself in France for a bit of time, we would be delighted to meet you. Perhaps dinner, drinks, or a coffee? We would be most happy to drive down to where you are, whenever that may be. Until then, godspeed, fair winds, and following seas. Marjorie & Gabriel Rousseau

  • Chuck Hammond Jr says:

    Good 😎☀️ luck be safe

  • Faye Lewark Daniels says:

    Bon voyage and full speed ahead…

  • Terrin pitrone says:

    we would love to come observe the launch and look forward to following along this journey!

  • kahita says:

    we here from The Netherlands will follow you and keep you in our prayers !!!

    Fam. Munoz Shilo

  • Dennis says:

    Having recently retired and roughly the same age, I look upon your adventure with deep admiration and admittedly some envy. I will be vicariously following your inspiring journey and wishing you all the very best. – A Canadian fan

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