An unexpected ending.

On Monday May 23rd at 7:15pm, Peter had to make the incredibly difficult decision to end the row. Over the course of the past few days, since Saturday, we’d been following the conditions he was navigating, which to say it mildly, were immensely adverse! On Monday he was in 20kt winds, with wind gusts of 25kts and more, with very choppy mixed seas of 8 to 15ft. Additionally, the forecast for the remainder of the week was worse, 28kt winds and 35kt wind gusts coming from the E, NE, all this creating a situation whereby a critical decision needed to be made.

Over the previous 8 days of 8, Peter was on para-anchor for up to 12hrs at a stretch. In order to reach France within the time frame allocated he would have needed to double his pace. Physically this was possible but in the sea conditions he was in from day 1.5 this was simply unrealistic. Ultimately, there were too many unrowable conditions for it to continue to make sense and safety was a priority.

Monday evening Peter, and his boat ” Wild Ride” were picked up by a nearby ship the “Chemical Contender” the captain and crew have been incredible, providing their assistance and support. Once Peter disembarks, he will take time to regroup and decide what his next steps will be. We want to sincerely thank everyone for their wishes and support.

While it’s not the outcome he had hoped for, as his daughter, I couldn’t be more proud of him for showing me that no matter the result, going after your goals and attempting something that hasn’t been done, is worth it. Success is in Starting!

I will continue to share details about the launch, we’ll share footage of what Peter experienced, we’ll highlight the friends we’ve made and amazing people we’ve met along the way. We will share about the incredible supporters and sponsors but most of all the amazing charities we are doing this for, 5gyres  pbtf_events bestfriendsanimalsociety

Stay tuned, when Peter is ready he will release his own statement regarding the outcome.

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