On Sunday May 23rd, at 7:15pm EST,  Peter had to make the very difficult decision to end the row.

Ready for anadventure?

Join Peter in May 2022 as he prepares to set off on the most extreme expedition that one can do. Solo row, 4000 miles from USA to France. 

Set to go down in history as the first person to do this route, the purpose of this epic journey is to make a difference for our planet, children and animals.


When life gives you the opportunity to push yourself out of your comfort zone, you can achieve extraordinary things.

What started as a “simple” idea 5 years ago is now a reality in a very meaningful way. Led by Peter Harley and supported by his daughter, Bonnie Evans.  The North Atlantic Challenge is the ultimate adventure to solo row 4000 miles from Virginia Beach, USA – to La Trinite’ Sur-Mer, France.

“With a goal to raise $750,000 for 3 charity partners, we are determined to show that ACTION = CHANGE.”

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An Uncharted Journey of a Lifetime.

The Route – USA to France

The route takes Peter from Lynnhaven, Virginia Beach, USA to La Trinite’ Sur-Mer, France. This journey is approximately 4000 miles or (6 437km) The unpredictable nature of the North Atlantic Ocean makes rowing from West – East one of the most challenging feats anyone can accomplish.

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In Training. Focused, Dedicated and Driven.

The Man Behind The Row

Peter Harley, is a 61 year old South African now living in North Carolina USA. He is an adventurer, extreme sport enthusiast and animal lover who is ready to take action and bring about change.

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Who We Support

Rooted in our passion for our Planet, Children and Animals 100% of your donations go to these three organizations. 5 Gyres, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Best Friends Animal Society.

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